Atlantic Signal 5 Conductor COMTAC V Horizontal Framed Model

All New for 2019!
The COMTAC V, available exclusively through Atlantic Signal and our authorized distributors, is the NEXT GENERATION tactical circum-aural headset. The new horizontal frame model addresses those clients who own ACH and ECH helmet models among other mid-cut styles where a vertical frame model is too cumbersome or uncomfortable. A noise canceling, ambidextrous boom microphone, environmental microphones with enhanced SA, gel ear cup seals along with new shielded circuitry and wiring to help prevent cross-talk and RF/EMI Interference are all standard . An all new headset down-lead cable connector designs allows for seamless use with both single and dual comm push-to-talks. One of the most exciting new features is the all-new Advanced Voice-Guided Equalizer to help customize the listening experience.

Designed and developed over a 2-year period to specifically address and overcome the unique issues associated with today's digital and multi-band portable radios used by both law enforcement and military operators.

Taking advantage of the 3M/Peltor COMTAC headset's overwhelming successful sales history (over 800,000 COMTAC IIIs alone,) we're proud to introduce the next generation of COMTAC headset - the COMTAC V (available in both a vertical and horizontal - as shown - model)

The COMTAC V comes standard with both vinyl and gel cushion ear cup pads.

The new COMTAC V boom microphone features noise-cancellation capability. The ambi-dextrous design allows for clear cheek-welds for both left and right handed trigger pullers.

The lowered profile of the ComTac V horizontal frame model - clears both "X" style and ratcheting dial harness / suspension systems

The extra long Velcro straps allow the headset to be worn over the bare head or with a helmet - offering ample support to avoid movement of the ear cups during rigorous activities.

New enhanced environmental microphones provide the operator with improved situational awareness when wearing the COMTAC V.

Never before available advanced voice-guided equalizer to customize the operator's listening experience

When wearing a non-high cut helmet such as an ACH or ECH, you can now place your helmet on your head, ratchet down and tighten the inner suspension and connect your two or four point chin strap, The horizontal framed ComTac V can then be held behind the helmet and slowly pushed past and underneath the rear of the helmet, positioned over the ears and released. Then grab the two Velcro straps, one with each hand, position tightly over the top of the helmet and press firmly together. Likewise, the headset can be removed without taking your helmet off.

This picture, from the rear of the helmet, demonstrates clearly the position of the horizontal frame when positioned on the head - away from the ratcheting dial and / or X back straps.

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