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Meet the latest in cutting edge technology

New Convertible Headband for Transition Between Helmet Attachment and Headband
New Circuitry / Wiring to Eliminate Crosstalk, RF & EMI Interference
New Environmental Microphones for Enhanced Situational Awareness
New Headset Downlead Cable/Connector for Seamless Single & Dual Comm PTT Use
New Noise Canceling, Ambidextrous Boom Microphone
Gel Ear Cushions Included
New Advanced Voice-Guided Equalizer Settings to Help Customize the User Listening Experience
Comtac V

It all counts towards saving lives

11 0 x New features & functions
50 0 x Transitions between head & helmet
100 0 x Clearer noise-canceling boom mic

The Right Gear for the right team

Keeping your team safe

XXXX XXXXXXX Naval Special Warfare

We've used products from your company for the six years I've been on the teams. First of all, you guys have a great reputation. During a recent comms discussion among several guys the consensus was we should reach out to Atlantic Signal before contacting anyone else. You've designed and built custom products for us for as long as I can remember and we look forward to continuing to work with your company going forward. BTW - thanks for developing the custom inline quick disconnect for our boat cables they "answered the mail for us". Your competitors failed miserably!


We design, develop and manufacture all of our products in our U.S. Headquarters in Topeka, KS. There are no "off-the'shelf" builds - instead Atlantic Signal custom builds every single order as per the instructions of each client.