TMIC – Tactical Medic Intercom

Developed at the request of a U.S. Military Special Forces Medic for use in aircraft and ground vehicles as well as for relaying/exchanging info between HELO and medical personnel at Combat Hospitals during casualty exchange. The TMIC is an approved product employed by the U.S. Military's TCCC Program.

The TMIC is simple to use. A MEDIC mounts the TMIC pouch on his MOLLE vest. Packed inside the pouch, along with the TMIC control housing, are two cables terminated with standard NEXUS female plugs. The MEDIC pulls out the shorter length cable (6 inches) and plugs his headset in. The second, longer cable (30 inches), can be handed to a patient, fellow medic or doc and the two are linked together in a hot mic scenario so no PTT function is required - allowing personnel hands free crucial comms

The inboard side of the TMIC features a remote volume control knob with partial shroud. This allows the wearer to adjust the receive volume of both personnel linked to the TMIC. This was a key in the TMIC's development to allow personnel to communicate comfortably in both low and high noise environments.

This photo depicts the wearer's 6 inch cable as well as the 30 inch cable removed from the storage pouch and prepared for use.

Depicted here is a 4 person TMIC - one for the wearer and three additional female connections for surgeons, medics and/or other medical personnel tending to a casualty, to connect their headsets to.

We also manufacture a 6 person TMIC -- again allowing multiple medical personnel to be linked while tending to a casualty in a high noise ambient environment. This system, as well as the four person version, has also been employed as a low -cost intercom alternative on Polaris Dagor, MRZR 4 and MRZR 2 and other lightweight off-road vehicles where a vehicle intercom is not included.

Close-up of TMIC partially shrouded remote volume control.

The TMIC is powered by twin standard AA alkaline batteries. The circuitry features a warning alarm when the battery's life span reaches 20% or lower. An audible and repeated 'beep' will occur in the wearer's ear cups -- warning that the batteries should be changed.

Each version of the TMIC includes a pouch with dual MOLLE straps with security snaps.

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