INVICTUS SS Dual Comm Push-to-Talk

The Atlantic Signal INVICTUS SS Dual Comm Push-to-Talk. A modification of the company's successful INVICTUS line of of PTTs developed in 2018 giving users the ability to take advantage of the company's custom plug and play D Series cables/connectors. Available in both black and coyote (as shown). The INVICTUS SS is part of the US Marine CORPS HED (Hearing Enhancement Devices) Program.

The INVICTUS line of push-to-talks was developed in 2018 as an updated replacement for traditional style Nexus U-94 PTTs that had been antiquated in design and function and were only available in single comm models. The initial INVICTUS line from Atlantic Signal featured single and dual comm models built for specific military or law enforcement radio models - meaning hard-wired cabled connector assemblies that could not be changed out. The INVICTUS SS is part of the US Marine CORPS HED (Hearing Enhancement Devices) Program.

The new INVICTUS SS Dual provides a similar design to the company's most successful push-to-talk design, the INVICTUS line, with one unique change -- the end user can now plug and play cables as needed via the plug and play receptacles mounted to the bottom portion of the INVICTUS SS PTT housing. The INVICTUS SS is part of the US Marine CORPS HED (Hearing Enhancement Devices) Program.

The INVICTUS SS features two large, partially shrouded PTT switches. The shrouds act as a guard against accidental depression from other mission essential while providing ample room for gloved finger access.

The INVICTUS SS push-to-talk was designed to team up with the Atlantic Signal exclusive ComTac V and VI headsets, along with our ruggedized dual comm R23 Lo-Vis kit, providing a complete comms solution for over-the-head or rail mounted headset configuration, plug and play radio cables, AVON or Scott gas mask hook-ups and more.

A user can choose to connect a single radio connector to the INVICTUS SS PTT and will received incoming radio communications in both the left and right ears of his/her headset. Once a second radio connector is connected to the PTT, incoming audio is automatically split. Each PTT switch is clearly marked I and II, matching the corresponding numbers at the bottom of the PTT (I and II). PTT switch operates the radio connected to the PTT port marked I and vice versa for PTT switch II and port II.

The Atlantic Signal D Series custom cabled connector assemblies feature a 60 degree angled strain and stress relief at the PTT connection, This angled design serves two critical purposes -- #1 It reduces the overall footprint of the PTT and connected cables when mounted to the vest and #2 The angled design provide ample space for the operator to access the connector with a thumb and forefinger to disengage from the PTT when disconnecting a cable(s) from the INVICTUS SS push-to-talk.

The blackened stainless steel MOLLE clip includes two mounting screws that can be removed for repositioning of the PTT -- including a horizontal mount versus vertical as well as repositioning the clip on the opposite (front) side of the PTT housing - providing a user friendly set up for PTT actuation for left handed trigger pullers. Additionally, the INVICTUS SS PTT features a replaceable connector cap band. The caps can be used, when cables are not connected, to protect the internal portion of the PTT mounted receptacle from dust, dirt and water ingress. If one or both caps become damaged, the cap assembly is fully replaceable -- just contact our offices for price and color required. The INVICTUS SS is part of the US Marine CORPS HED (Hearing Enhancement Devices) Program.

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