Invictus Dual Comm Push-To-Talk

Our most popular dual comm push-to-talk (for those requiring no other cable connections such as ICS, Phone etc.). A ruggedized, sealed housing with heavy duty strain and stress relief exits for cable connectors and shrouded actuation switches to avoid A/D issues

The Invictus dual push-to-talk is part of Atlantic Signal's next generation line. Rather than surface mounted actuation switches and cabled female jack assemblies - the Invictus PTT switches and jack assembly are built into the PTT body housing and sealed during the over-mold assembly process in our facility

The internal mounted Invictus actuation switches are shrouded to address potential A/D issues associated with other key operational equipment. The single blackened steel MOLLE clip attached to the rear of the Invictus PTT body can be positioned at the 12, 3, 6 or 9 o'clock positions. Furthermore, it can be removed from the rear side of the PTT body housing and positioned on the front to re-orient the actuation switches for left handed shooters

The sleek, ergonomic design of the dual comm Invictus makes it easy for an operator to palm the PTT body and actuate the PTT switches with the index and middle fingers

The photo to the left is a Motorola APX portable radio connector with extra heavy-duty strain and stress reliefs. Atlantic Signal builds interfaces for over 100 radios models worldwide

notes from the field

Keeping your team safe

XXXX XXXXXXXXSenior Special Agent, Kansas Bureau of Investigation

My guys are very pleased with the new helmets and comms. Wanted to thank you and your team for the attention to details and helping us get this much needed equipment into our hands. We trained the last couple of days and were very pleased with their performance and comfort of the units. Again, thanks for building a great product and thanks for helping us with the purchase of the equipment!

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