Lo-Vis R23 Dual Comm Ruggedized Earpiece

Ruggedized, heavy duty, dual radio. lo-vis solution for the professional who is tired of inexpensive, cheaply made, poorly designed, non-tactical grade Lo-Vis / PSD comms

A ruggedized, submersible. dual radio. three wire kit available or operators where wearing a headset or shoulder mic is not warranted. The Lo-Vis R23 was specifically developed for the US Military for applications where a less overt kit was required for specific operations. The microphone and both speakers are IP67 rated and built of blackened stainless steel

The circuitry housing of the dual comm Lo-Vis R23 is completely sealed, preventing dust, dirt and water ingress. Each of the kit's four cables are captured by extra long / flexible strain and stress reliefs

The Lo-Vis R23 dual comm features stainless steel. rotating alligator clips on both speaker assemblies as well as the microphone assembly. The coiled, ear tube assemblies are replaceable and were designed to allow for multiple styles of ear pieces and sizes

The Lo-Vis R23 features an Atlantic Signal designed and manufactured over-mold capturing a Nexus 5 conductor male plug assembly

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XXXXXX XXXXXXXXSgt. / Rangemaster Sedgwick County Sheriff's Department SWAT

Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate it. Out of all the companies I deal with, Atlantic Signal has the best customer service and it does not go unnoticed. Thanks again.

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