Anaconda I Maritime Push-to-Talk

The ANACONDA Maritime QUAD Comm Push-to-Talk was developed to provide operators engaged in underwater missions, as well as boat operators, a push-to-that will withstand harsh waterborne conditions. The ANACONDA PTT is rated for up to 20 meter submersion.

The ANACONDA Maritime QUAD Comms Push-to-Talk was developed to meet the requirements of a U.S. Military client wanting to pair a 'Multi-Comm' PTT with our Below H20 maritime headset and associated plug and play cable assemblies.

The ANACONDA features twin inboard and twin outboard recessed PTT actuation switches. The model depicted in these pictures is a PTT system designed and configured for US Military boat teams. The two PTT switches shown here face inboard when worn on a MOLLE vest. These two switches were configured, at the request of the client, to control a primary and secondary body worn radio. If only one body worn radio is connected, the headset will receive incoming radio signals through both ear cups. If both body worn radios are connected, the incoming radio signals are automatically split -- primary radio in left ear and secondary radio in right ear.

This photo shows the outboard side of the ANACONDA Push-to-Talk. This model, built to spec for boat teams, allows the operator to not only be connected to two body worn radios but also connect into the boat radio - utilizing the top PTT switch to TX and RX on the boat radio. The bottom PTT switch allows the operator to "LOCK" open the boom mic for boat intercom communications. The operator simply depresses and releases the bottom actuation switch which sends an ascending tone to his headset ear cups - confirming the operator has LOCKED into the asset's intercom and is in open/hot mic microphone mode. To exit the intercom mode, the operator simply depresses and releases the PTT switch again and will hear a descending tone - confirming the previous intercom hot mic has 'UNLOCKED" from the asset's intercom.

With all of its capabilities, the ANACONDA Maritime PTT measures a compact 2.75" T x 2.50" W x 1.25" D. The ANACONDA was designed and built to address the needs of a demanding end-user under severe environmental conditions. The ANACONDA PTT meets the USSOCOM waterborne requirements of 10 meters submersion for up to 10 hours as well as previous requirement of 20 meters submersion for 2 hours.

The ANACONDA Maritime PTT connects to a MOLLE vest via twin, replaceable, blackened steel MOLLE clips. The bottom edge of each clip is slightly rounded to capture each MOLLE vest strip it is threaded through to ensure a solid, tight position on the wearer's vest.

Plug and Play, over-molded, THALES PRC-148 Maritime radio connector

Plug and play, over-molded, 19 pin HARRIS PRC-163 radio connector

Plug and play, over molded PRC 148, 152, 117 six pin radio connector

Plug and play, over-molded VIC AJ-107 intercom connector (we also build the AP-107 mate)

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