Below H20 Maritime Headset

The Below H2O Headset was chosen by USSOCOM in 2018 as the circum-aural headset for the US Military’s MCAS (Maritime Communication Accessory Suite) Program.

The Below H2O Operator’s Kit includes gel ear seals, submersible ambi-dextrous boom microphone, removable vertical transition head band, silicone ear cup inserts and ARC rail headset mounts for the traditional Ops-Core style or Team Wendy helmet rails.

This product is available in both single and dual comm models in Black, Olive Drab, and Coyote Tan.

*This product has been engineered for use with any of Atlantic Signal Maritime Push-To-Talks as well as the Invisio V-60 model.

The Below H20 Maritime headset was chosen by USSOCOM in 2018 as the maritime circum-aural headset for US Special Operations. Atlantic Signal modified the COMTAC V to meet the 10 meter / 10 hour requirement of the military program

The Below H20 features a removable, rubber covered, stainless steel head frame, We replaced the traditional leather cover of previous COMTAC headsets to prevent issues with mold and mildew associated with repeated exposure to fresh/saltwater as well as sweat

The Below H20 heasdset features an Atlantic Signal designed and manufactured 20 meter, ambidextrous boom microphone. The MCAS program has since approved a secondary boom microphone for boat and air asset use. We offer the Below H20 with interface capabilities to our own line of maritime push-to-talks (aka Below H20 PTTs) along with the V-60 PTT from Invisio

The Below H20 headset was designed with a removable / replaceable vertical steel head frame - allowing an operator to switch back and forth between over-the-head and helmet rail mounting

The Below H20 headset kit includes the maritime headset, gel ear cups, 20 meter boom microphone, silicone ear cup inserts, rubber covered stainless steel head frame, ARC rail helmets mounts and Coban microphone tape

For underwater applications, a pair of Atlantic Signal designed and manufactured silicone inserts are included. These were designed to replace the standard foam pads included with the ComTac headset. The standard foam pads act as a sponge when exposed to water, significantly reducing the receive volume of the speakers of the headset. The silicone inserts act as a deterrent to water, allowing any and all water that comes in contact with the inserts to simply run off.

notes from the field

Keeping your team safe

XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXUS Marine Corps Special Operations

We tested and evaluated the new Below H20 headset and PTT system extensively - comparing it to our old MICH systems. Wow - we've come a long way haven't we? LOL! Your system kicks major ass - thank you for developing such a superior maritime system. Very impressed with the silicone ear cup covers. Why didn't someone think of that before? Also really like the ability to transition from helmet to head and back with regard to the new removable head frame - thank you. You guys killed it. The Below H20 is the new maritime standard, no doubt!

Tech Specs

Sealed Ear Cups to Prevent Dust, Dirt and Water Ingress

Each ear cup features a waterproof housing to hold a single AAA battery providing up to 500 hours of operational use.Each ear cup combines ambient amplification, electronic hearing protection and two way radio RX all in one compact package.

10 Meter Microphone On Articulated Boom Arm - Coban Wrapped Microphone Element

The maritime boom microphone is designed for plug and play, allowing the operator to position the microphone on the left or right side of the face when worn. Forward pointing, submersible microphones on each ear cup allow the operator to hear voices and environmental sounds in his ambient environment.

Rubber Covered, Removable Vertical Head Frame
Silicone Ear Cup Inserts

To replace foam inserts for waterborne applications.

Submersible Up to 10 Meters for 10 Hours

The below H2O is submersible in up to 33 ⅓ FT (10 Meters) of fresh/saltwater for up to 10 hours.

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