Below H2O Single Comm Maritime Push-To-Talk

Based upon the company's success with our Invictus line of tactical push-to-talks, we developed a maritime version rated for up to 20 meters of submersion. The Below H20 single comm PTT was designed to meet two crucial military specifications - 20 meters of fresh/saltwater exposure for 2 hours and 10 meters of fresh / salt water exposure for 10 hours

The Below H20 PTT's ergonomic design fits comfortably in the palm when grasped - allowing the thumb to line up perfectly for depression and release. The blackened steel MOLLE clip, on the backside, can be removed via twin mounting screws and re-positioned on the front for left handed trigger pullers.

The Below H20 PTT actuation switch is shrouded to address A/D issues caused by contact with other key operational equipment. The switching mechanism was designed with adequate pressure characteristics to avoid accidental actuation under water at depth - causing unintentional radio battery drain

The Below H20 PTT features a sealed connection at the top to prevent dust, dirt and most-importantly - water ingress underwater. Atlantic Signal's Below H20 and Amphibious Assault headsets both feature a submersible headset inline mating connector rated for exposure up to 20 meters - compatible with both of our Below H20 push-to-talks

A traditional radio interface for the Below H20 PTT would be the 10 pin connector for the THALES PRC-148R radio. Atlantic Signal wires and over-molds each 10 pin connector and can build your choice of cable lengths

One of our newer designs is the over-mold for the Harris PRC 163 dual net radio. The 19 pin connector provides connections for both the wide and narrow bands of the 163. Pictured is our custom over-molded 19 pin Nemesis connector with EUD port for data connections

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XXXX XXXXXXXXOfficer, Cedar City Police Department

So far I have been really impressed with the demo! I really enjoyed the few times I got to use the kits during SWAT training. BTW I love your stickers! I have passed them out to my guys (reluctantly....selfish bastard that I am), but the morale boost is worth its weight in GOLD! Send my compliments to those in charge of them and ask them to keep the new ideas coming!

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