Atlantic Signal General Aviation ICS Cable

Atlantic Signal designed, developed and manufactured General Aviation ICS cable assembly

Originally developed in 2011 with the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Operations teams. This cable is traditionally used by non-DOD clients utilizing air assets. The custom circuitry, developed by Atlantic Signal, inside the over-molded Nexus connector - reads the ICS impedance levels and adjusts the headsets' performance accordingly

The housing shown in the photo depicts the larger than average over-sleeve surrounding the Nexus plug -- this contains the custom General Aviation asset compatible circuitry

The plug and play design of the Atlantic Signal General Aviation ICS cable - allows an operator to stow the cable when not in use. When connected to the appropriate PTT housing, the custom over-molded connector stands at a 60 degree angle for ease of access with a gloved thumb and forefinger. Further, when connected to a PTT box, the connector is angled 45 degrees in toward the body armor for a tight fit

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