Harris & Thales 6 Pin Cabled Radio Connector

Atlantic Signal Harris 117 / 152 and Thales 148 cabled radio connector assembly

Atlantic Signal designed, developed and manufactures the over-mold assembly of the PRC 6-pin radio connector. The long "bullet-style" over-mold provides ample room for soldering of individual wires while adding extra strength and support for the cable assembly. Further, it prevents dust, dirt and water ingress. Atlantic Signal interfaces to over 100 LE and Military radios worldwide

In house wiring and over-mold control quickens delivery to customers versus waiting for the connector supplier to perform those tasks

Shown - our D Series 6 pin plug & play cable assembly designed and built initially for the FBI's Special Operations Unit's Warrior comms suites. We can also build the assembly hard wired to any and all of our other push-to-talk options

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