“SF” Single Push-To-Talk

The Atlantic Signal "SF" single comm push-to-talk is one of our smallest models measuring a compact 2 1/4" L x 1 9/16" W x 1" D. One side edge of the "SF" features a shrouded actuation switch while the other provides a partially shrouded remote radio volume control

The Atlantic Signal "SF" PTT is a favorite among both tactical law enforcement operators and military clientele. It remains one of our most compact designs. The PTT switching mechanism is shrouded to avoid A/D issues and a remote radio volume control , with partial shroud. prevents the operator from having to dig into his radio pouch to adjust the radio's receive volume. Extra long cable strain and stress reliefs at each end provide an added layer of cable and wire flex protection

The "SF" PTT includes a 5 conductor Nexus jack assembly featuring a custom over-mold designed and manufactured by Atlantic Signal. We also designed and manufacture the cap assembly shown in the photo to protect the internal portion of the assembly from dust, dirt and water ingress when a headset is not connected.

The "SF" PTT switching mechanism, shown in the photo to the right, features a shroud to avoid accidental depression from contact with other key operational equipment. A steel alligator clip is mounted to the rear of the PTT housing via twin stainless steel screws. The alligator clip features a rubber over-mold over the clip's teeth to prevent damage to clothing or vests it is affixed to.

The photo to the left is of a Motorola XTS portable radio connector with extra heavy-duty strain and stress relief. Atlantic Signal builds interfaces to over 100 radios worldwide

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XXXX XXXXXXXXOfficer, Ohio State University Police

Good Evening,

My name is XXXX XXXXXXXX and I am a member of The Ohio State Police University Police Division's Special Response Team. Recently we demo'd your MH180V headsets. We were very impressed with them and would like to get a price together to purchase 11 sets with adjustable volume control on the PTT. Please let me know if you need any further information. Thank you.

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