Atlantic Signal 5 Conductor ComTac VI Headset with Built-In WIRELESS Intercom Communications!

We are Proud to Introduce the ComTac VI Headset featuring NEW Multiple Mission-Specific Auditory Awareness Settings, Adjustable Length Boom Microphone and BUILT-IN WIRELESS Intercom Communications ALL coupled with the Atlantic Signal Custom Wired 5 conductor Headset Downlead Cable Providing the Operator with MULTIPLE Push-to-Talk Options.

The next generation of 3M/Peltor Communications Headset - The COMTAC VI - an incredible, un-paralleled advancement of the #1 selling law enforcement and military communications headset brand in the world. What's different? "ADVANCEMENT #1." The ComTac VI has a built-in wireless intercom (scroll down to see info-graphs below). Imagine being connected to your portable radio(s) and hopping into a boat, vehicle or HELO and not having to either unplug from your PTT/radio or use an add-on cable to connect to the asset's intercom! And, if your asset isn't equipped with an intercom, you don't need to go to the added expense and aggravation of wiring and mounting a permanent or portable intercom into your asset -- its now built right into your headset!

How does the built-in, wireless intercom work? It enables short-range, headset-to-headset communication in high noise environments, without the use of an external communications radio. It allows for 4 team members to speak simultaneously, and over 60 people, within a 30 foot radius, to listen at any given time. Audio transmit is activated by either a voice activated switch (VOX) for hands free operations or by push-to-talk. The VOX switch (see photo at left) is adaptive, meaning the threshold to activate will adjust automatically to the noise environment. To help reduce user burden, a tactile button has been added to the left ear cup that allows the user to easily turn on or off the function / and switch from VOX to PTT settings

"ADVANCEMENT #2." THE MAP FUNCTION - a new way to adjust the auditory settings of the headset for each mission. In layman's terms - for decades tactical headsets have had a single set frequency response from the ambient microphones, built into the headset earcups, providing situational and directional awareness. As a result, until now, an operator could only turn the ambient mic's volume up or down. Now, via the simple two button control pad on the headset earcup, the operator can access a variety of gain settings featuring frequency shaping - which enhance auditory performance in five conditions, Example - while walking in high grass or on gravel, the setting can be adjusted to de-emphasize those distracting and unimportant sounds without negatively impacting the wearer's situational or directional awareness. The five MAP profiles have been designed with a variety of combat and combat support operations in mind.

"ADVANCEMENT #3" An adjustable length, noise canceling boom microphone. The noise canceling features of the MT33 boom microphone featured, on the the recently introduced COMTAC V headset, remain but the boom arm has been re-imagined. Rather than the traditional articulated boom arm design, the new COMTAC VI boom arm features a tension adjustment that allows the length of the microphone boom arm to be adjusted to individual user preference. This feature allows for length adjustment from the ear cup to allow for personal preference of the microphone element positioning, for instance, at the side or front of the mouth. This revolutionary design aids in both speech intelligibility and clarity while eliminating common frustrations associated with cheek welds when using a long weapon.

The ComTac VI headset maintains its industry leading level dependent, electronic hearing protection to help protect from impulse and steady state noise. The level-dependent digital audio circuit senses noise levels above the desired threshold and compresses them to a safe decibel level or amplifies weak sounds to an audible level.

As with the recent ComTac V headset's introduction, the ComTac VI features a removable rubber sleeve that encapsulates the headset's steel headband and earcup to earcup cable. The steel headband and rubber sleeve can be disengaged from the earcups and replaced with a pair of Accessory Rail Connectors (ARC) for mounting the headset to various helmet rail models (contact Atlantic Signal for ARC options)

ComTac VI Info-Graph #1

ComTac VI Info-Graph #2

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