COMTAC Headset Transition Head Band

Transition headband for COMTAC headsets - replaces leather covered vertical head band - allows an operator to transition back & forth between an over-the-head band and ARC rail helmet mounted COMTAC headset

The transition band is manufactured from stainless steel, heat tempered for proper head form and tension. By following instructions, the transition time between the band and the ARC rail mounts is less than 5 minutes. You can now cut off and remove your old COMTAC leather covered band and replace it with the new transition band which will also allow you to transition back and forth with the COMTAC ARC rail helmet mounts as well

The traditional leather sleeve of the previous COMTAC headset models has been discontinued. The new band is manufactured of replaceable rubber - resistant to both mold and sweat induced deterioration

The protective rubber sleeve captures the headset cable between the two ear cups - keeping it out of the way

Photo Depicts the new COMTAC V headset with transition band attached

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