Avon Mask Comms Adapter Kit

Atlantic Signal AVON Mask Comms Cable Kit for the C50, M50, FM53 & FM54 protective masks. Our kit is the only AVON mask adapter designed to disable your headset's microphone to avoid the negative impact of environmental noise outside the mask when transmitting

We developed the AVON Comms Cable Kit at the request of a representative of USSOCOM originally for the AVON FM53 mask. The specific request was to develop and deliver a cable kit that interfaces to the mask's ECP (electronic communications port) and when connected to a headset - the kit would disable the operator's headset boom mic - only using the microphone inside the mask, directly in front of the mouth. This allows an operator, when wearing an AVON mask, boom mic headset and our cable kit - to literally whisper when transmitting in an even extremely high noise ambient environment because none of the noise in his surroundings is being transmitted from the headset boom mic positioned outside the mask

Pictured -- 2 pin adapter cable built to interface to the AVON masks's electronic communications port built into the front of each model of AVON mask

Custom over-molded NEXUS female jack assembly -- your headset down lead connects here. Over-mold features a TPE cap assembly to protect the interior of the female Nexus assembly when not in use.

Custom over-molded male, 5 conductor, Nexus plug assembly designed to connect directly into your push-to-talk

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