3-Way Adjustable COMTAC Headset Horizontal Strap

Atlantic Signal developed and designed 3-way, adjustable strap for Peltor COMTAC horizontal framed headsets

Developed and designed in the Spring of 2012 at the request and subsequent assistance of operators from US Air Force Special Operations. Employing mid-cut helmets, ARC rail mounted headsets were not an option and they did not want to deal with a new helmet padding system to accommodate a vertical framed headset being used under the helmet. We were asked to develop a 3 way adjustable strap that would secure the headset to the head and fit a 95 percentile user base wearing a horizontal framed version of the headset

Photo depicts the Atlantic Signal 3 way adjustable head strap for COMTAC horizontal framed headset models

Shown here is the entire assembly - manufactured from blackened leather with adjustable straps on both ear cup sides as well as the rear frame

We refer to this portion as the "blotter pad". When properly positioned about the head, this piece is located on the crown of the skull

The rear portion of the 3 way adjustable strap features a D ring that allows for 3 total inches of adjustment both upward and downward

This photo depicts one of the two adjustable straps that go over the top edge of both COMTAC headset ear cups - both straps can also be adjusted upward or downward a total of 3 inches to ensure a secure fit when worn

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