Victory Wireless Gun Rail Mounted Push-To-Talk

The Victory Wireless, Gun Rail Mounted PTT is the updated, second generation of the original Wireless PTT developed by Atlantic Signal and delivered to Naval Special Warfare back in 2012-13. The victory was designed to allow an operator to keep both hands on a weapon while maintaining access to a push-to-talk switch for his comms system. In essence, we work with you to develop the comms suite you want from the myriad of upper headsets, ear pieces, vest mounted PTTs and various cable assemblies we build and offer you the option of purchasing a redundant PTT designed to mount to the rail of a gun. Your headset, vest mounted PTT and associated cables are all connected via cabling.

The Victory Wireless PTT acts as a secondary or redundant PTT to your vest mounted PTT, allowing the operator to stay laser-focused on the task at hand without taking either hand off his weapon in order to depress the PTT button on his body worn PTT. The Victory mounts to the weapon's picatinny rail and can be positioned left or right rail side and 'backward' or 'forward' on the rail to allow for operator choice of finger or thumb actuation. The Victory is paired to each individual body worn PTT to avoid cross contamination from operator to operator. It features a replaceable battery and each Victory is rated for approximately 500-600 hours of operation prior to battery replacement. The Victory sends an audible signal to the headset when remaining battery life is critical and requires replacement.

The Victory wireless PTT was designed to fit on either side of a Picatinny rail and can be oriented on both sides of the rail with the depression of the actuation switch facing the end of the gun barrel or the receiver - providing a choice, by the user, of PTT actuation with the thumb or forefinger

The Victory PTT is easily paired with the operator's body worn push-to-talk. Pairing codes are unique to each and every operator to prevent one operator's wireless PTT from activating a fellow operator's comm system. The Victory features over 1 million rolling codes - ensuring a different actuation code each time the switch is depressed. Note: The Victory does not pass voice or data information through the airwaves. It simply acts as a sophisticated garage door opener sending a wireless signal to the operator's body worn PTT -- allowing for normal tactical headset voice transmission via your hard-wired comms.

The Victory features a replaceable battery easily accessed from the top of the top side of the body housing. Average life span of the battery is 500-600 hours of use. The Victory will send warning beeps to your headset when battery life reaches or goes below 20%. The Victory is a redundant switch not a stand-alone device.

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