Centurion (Smartphone Enabled) Push-To-Talk

Constructed of black, heavy-duty nylon, measuring just 2.25" W x 2.50" H x 1" D, the Centurion is one of the initial line of next gen push-to-talks we designed for both portable radio and cell phone TX and RX

The Centurion PTT features our trusted shrouded actuation switch. Watertight strain and stress reliefs ensure environmental seals where cables enter and exit the PTT housing

The side opposite the PTT actuation switch features our remote radio volume control. On the top edge of the PTT housing, next to the headset connection assembly, is a steel AMC connector - the connection point for the add-on Atlantic Signal manufactured smartphone cable / connector assembly

The Centurion's ergonomic design allows an operator ease of access to the inboard PTT switch while palming the PTT's nylon housing

The Centurion's blackened, stainless steel MOLLE clip is designed to slide between two MOLLE vest strips. The MOLLE clip's mounting screws can be removed to allow for re-positioning of the clip at the 3, 6, 9 or 12 o'clock positions.

The Centurion PTT assembly features the Atlantic Signal designed and manufactured, over-molded, 5 conductor Nexus jack assembly. Included is our cap assembly designed to prevent dust, dirt and water ingress when not connected to a headset

Pictured: Atlantic Signal designed and manufactured, coiled, smart phone cable. We designed the connection to the smartphone at 90 degrees to prevent it from getting snapped off inside the phone when angled improperly during use. The extra long 90 degree over-mold allows the connector to rotate when connected to the phone - preventing undue stress on the connector

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