SHIELD In-the-Ear Comms System

21st Century In-the-Ear Comms Solution featuring a pair of custom earmolds to prevent ear fatigue and dislodging. Electronic Hearing Protection and Ambient Amplification. Noise canceling boom microphone for clear and concise TX capabilities.

New for 2020! Over a year in development. The SHIELD In-the-Ear Communications System. Originally developed for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). The SHIELD was developed as an alternative to current and past 'In-the-Ear' tactical communication offerings. Working alongside PHONAK, we modified one of their most successful products to meet tactical use standards. Operators no longer have to worry about the expense or aggravation of replacing 3-6 different sizes of replaceable silicone/foam ear buds as we recommend snap on/off custom earmolds -- designed specifically to fit your ears and your ears only!

The SHIELD Communication System features a noise canceling boom microphone that can be positioned on the left or right side of the face when worn. We chose a boom microphone over an in-the-ear bone or air microphone to ensure clear and concise voice transmission of crucial communications. In-the-ear mics can easily move out of position without the wearer knowing and therefore, when transmitting, the comms can be muffled or unintelligible to intended transmission receiver(s).

The SHIELD's earpieces fit comfortably in the ear. An outer foam windscreen (as shown) filters out ambient wind noise allowing outward facing microphones to accurately and concisely pick up environmental sounds outside the ear canals. The amplification levels of the earpieces can be controlled from the SHIELD control housing (aka push-to-talk). Further, the SHIELD System has dynamic or active hearing protection that features level-dependent electronic sound reduction - an excellent blend of capabilities for the operator who regularly finds his/herself in fluctuating levels of loud environmental noise.

The SHIELD earpiece circuitry provides electronic hearing protection by continuously measuring the operator's environmental noise levels and adapting each earpiece's attenuation (aka in-the-ear noise reduction) accordingly. The SHIELD earpieces do not excessively reduce the noise in the wearer's environment - providing the wearer with consistent situational and directional awareness. Dangerous sound levels are instantaneously reduced to safe in-ear levels.

The rapid fire response of the SHIELD's earpieces ensures that even short impulse noises, such as gunfire, are dampened the moment they occur. As environmental sounds return to a safe range, the attenuation is automatically reduced, providing the operator full ambient awareness, localized warning signals and the ability to hold natural conversations with others. The custom earmolds are marked Red for right ear and Blue for left ear. They can be snapped on and off for replacement and cleaning. They can also be removed and the entire system can be given to another operator who can then snap on his/her own custom earmolds.

The SHIELD's smart circuitry is housed inside both the earpiece yoke and SHIELD control housing/PTT. The SHIELD system also features a break away feature in case the system is snagged on something or is grabbed by a assailant.

The SHIELD control housing was developed in concert with several of the company's LE and military test and evaluators during the design phase. The SHIELD control housing's ergonomic design can easily be grasped across the front - providing ease of access to both the dual inboard and outboard PTT actuation switches. The SHIELD is capable of monitoring up to 4 radio nets at once along with a smartphone or ICS connected interface. The face of the SHIELD control housing features both a volume up and volume down button for the SHIELD earpiece's ambient amplification. The SHIELD PTT is rated for salt/freshwater submersion at 10 meters for up to 10 hours. Atlantic Signal's maritime Below H20 headset can be used with the SHIELD PTT along with our COMTAC V and VI urban headsets.

The SHIELD control housing measures an ergonomic 4.39" x 2.57" x 1.18" and is manufactured of polycarbonate / ABS with a black TPE over-mold. The interior of the SHIELD is painted with silver plated, copper acrylic to provide added RF shielding. It can be mounted to a vest via the rear mounted, adjustable, blackened MOLLE clip.

The SHIELD PTT was designed to handle today's multi-band / multi-net radios including those manufactured by THALES, Harris RF, Trellisware and Silvus as well as commercial law enforcement portables and standard issue military 6 pin radios. As previously mentioned, the SHIELD is capable of monitoring up to 4 radio nets at once along with a smartphone or ICS connected interface.

Atlantic Signal designs and manufactures hundreds of different radio cable assemblies and variants and the SHIELD PTT design allows the operator to plug and play different radio cable assemblies as needed and stow away when not required. The cables feature a 60 degree angled connection to the PTT housing, providing ease of access for connecting and disconnecting the cables from the PTT box. The cabled connectors, when seated in the box mounted receptacles, are cocked inward at a 45-degree angle so they are tight against the wearer's vest - protected from snags and hang ups. Custom cable lengths are also available for most cables when ordering.

Atlantic Signal developed, designed and manufactured cabled military connector assemblies including the THALES PRC 148C, Harris RF PRC-163 with EUD (also available without EUD), Trellisware TW-950 with EUD (also available without EUD) and Silvus 4200.

Atlantic Signal military and law enforcement cabled radio connector assemblies including Motorola, ICOM, Harris, THALES and more......

Various Atlantic Signal designed, developed and manufactured ICS cables assemblies including General Aviation, DOD and the Osprey-22 among others

Other SHIELD system complimentary Atlantic Signal cable assemblies including smartphone, AVON 50 / 53/ 54 gas mask interface cables and 02 mask. Contact the company for details on hundreds of additional cable assemblies and variants.

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