Roger Covert System

The Phonak ROGER COVERT C System has been specifically designed for applications requiring the highest levels of intelligibility and discreetness. It sets a new standard for secure wireless transmission of speech, offering unparalleled, reliable performance in the most challenging environments. Understanding speech is critical in surveillance. Every message must be clearly understood by all team members in any situation, no matter the level of noise. The ROGER COVERT C delivers! For ROGER COVERT Details and Pricing - Contact Jeff Fiorino at or 1-800-0850-8512 Ext 128

The ROGER COVERT C has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. Setup takes only minutes and requires no technical knowledge. Connections between components such as the earpiece and cell phone are seamless and the system can easily be hidden out of sight in a pocket. The ROGER Earpiece C is a masterpiece of miniaturized technology. It offers best-in-class secure audio transmission on 2.4 GHz with AES-128 encryption with 12 hours of autonomous operation.

The ROGERT COVERT C is the central unit of the ROGER COVERT system. Its miniaturized components create a discreet, reliable and easy-to-use device that offers high quality transmission for over 12 hours of operation. It features a Bluetooth interface and connects wirelessly to the ROGER Earpiece C, Roger Remote C and the operator's communication device (i.e. cell phone or Motorola APX radio with BT and Motorola W/L PTT)). A micro USB socket enables charging and a listen only headphone (if desired).

The miniature microphone, hard wired to the ROGER COVERT C, offers world beating performance in a discreet housing. This neutral-looking lapel microphone uses beam-forming and noise canceling technology to deliver excellent voice pick-up, even in high-noise environs. Using Phonak's patented Digital Sound Processing it delivers perfect speech intelligibility, even when the user is whispering.

The ROGER REMOTE C offers discreet, neutral, push-to-talk (PTT) functionality using touch technology that avoids unwanted triggering. Besides PTT functionality, the user can mute and adjust RX volume in the ROGER Earpiece C, accept, end and reject phone calls, and send covert 'beep' signals to the network.

The ROGER COVERT C is completely immune to electromagnetic interference and won't interfere with other systems operating in similar frequencies. The system's 128 bit AES encryption guarantees secure transmissions. The ROGER Earpiece C is virtually invisible in the ear canal while the main ROGERT COVERT C unit and remote control are small enough to disappear under clothing or in a pocket. Without a neck loop to worry about, users can blend in even more easily.

An alternative option is the ROGER COVERT C DUAL configuration that allows an end-user to employ the use of a portable radio in lieu of a cell phone (Motorola APX pictured). The DUAL model provides the end user the option of connecting to a radio via a cabled radio connector and/or a cell phone or other Bluetooth source wirelessly. The DUAL model includes a miniature inline quick disconnect allowing the radio connector and inline housing (pictured) to be detached and stored away when not required.

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