HIROSE 12 Pin Cabled Keyload Connector

Atlantic Signal HIROSE 12 pin Cabled Keyload Adapter Cable Assembly

Developed in 2012 for the Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Operation Team's portable radios which featured key load fill radio adapters rather than the traditional radio connector assemblies. The HIROSE manufacturer includes a heat shrink "boot" with each connector. Once the connector has been wired, the assembler was instructed to slip the "boot" over the wires and heat shrink it onto the wires. We did not believe the heat shrink boot to be durable enough -- thus we developed the custom over-mold shown in the photograph

The HIROSE 12 pin assembly shown here was designed, built and manufactured by Atlantic Signal for connection to both the DOMINATOR II and Warrior push-to-talks. It is available as a hard-wired cable version as well - for interface to our other push-to-talks in our line

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