Gladiator V Headset

The Gladiator V is a hybrid of the company's MH180V headset. The Gladiator allows the operator to receive radio communications via the facial bones while leaving both ears free for 360 degrees of natural situational and directional awareness. Tethered to the sides of the Gladiator sidepiece housings, with included storage holsters, are 3M brand, Gen 4 Combat Arms Earplugs (see earplug features below).

The Gladiator V features a vertical steel headband available in 4 sizes to guarantee proper personal fit (when your team T&Es the headset, you will receive one of each size frame for fitment for each operator). An adjustable rear head strap prevents forward and rearward movement of the headset once positioned properly on the head. Bone conductors, installed inside each sidepiece housing, relay radio RX directly through the face to the inner ear. A waterproof / noise canceling boom microphone is featured and available for order and manufacture on the opposite side (right when worn) for left handed shooters.

Each Gladiator V headset features replaceable 3M Gen 4 Combat Arms 4 Earplugs with three pairs of different sized tips. The earplugs have a push button valve on the top of each earpiece providing two modes - OPEN - which lets in non-harmful sounds below 80 decibels and CLOSED - which closes off the wearer's surrounding ambient sounds. The wearer can still hear radio comms clearly as they are received via the facial bones, not the outer ear. When the Combat Arms Earplugs are in open mode, if subjected to sound levels exceeding 80 decibels, the valve will close inside the ear plug stem, providing hearing protection the same as if the wearer had closed the valve originally

The Gladiator line of headsets feature stow-away holsters on each sidepiece housing - providing storage when the ear pieces are not in use.

The Gladiator headset design features the earplug mounted to each headset sidepiece housing - preventing it from falling off / out during operations. This eliminates the problems associated with an operator wearing foamies or other forms of ear plugs that could fall out and be lost during operations.

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