Warrior Dual Comm Push-To-Talk

The WARRIOR push-to-talk is a hybrid of our DOMINATOR II PTT. It was designed to allow for comms with up to 3 devices simultaneously. All cable assemblies are plug & play in design - the operator can disconnect and store away any cables not necessary for specific missions. The WARRIOR is used by virtually all of the Federal tactical teams in the United States who do not employ the DOMINATOR II comms suite.

The Warrior PTT features dual inboard shrouded actuation switches. It is affixed to a vest via dual steel MOLLE clips mounted to a back plate with zip tie loops on all four corners. An optional rotating alligator clips is also available by request

The WARRIOR PTT features three AMC connectors mounted to the PTT housing. Pictured here is the red colored connector - this is the connection point for cable options including General Aviation ICS, DOD ICS, OSPREY -22 ICS and smartphones among others

The various headsets we offer, that are compatible with the WARRIOR PTT, connect to this 5 conductor cabled Nexus female assembly we designed and manufacture. We over-mold the raw Nexus assembly and include our cap assembly designed to prevent dust, dirt and water ingress when not connected to a headset.

The bottom edge of the WARRIOR PTT features dual blue colored connectors with protective caps. These are the connection points for various radio cable assemblies that Atlantic Signal builds for both Law Enforcement and Military clients.

This is an example of a custom cable designed and manufactured by Atlantic Signal for the WARRIOR PTT. This example depicts a 10 pin maritime connector for the THALES PRC-14R portable radio

This photo depicts the radio cable connector Atlantic Signal designed and manufactures for the WARRIOR PTT that connects directly to the PTT box. Note: when connected, the connectors orient 45 degrees inward - toward the body armor, for a tight, non-protruding fit. The over-mold on the actual connector is at a 60 degree angle - which looks much like a pistol grip when connected to the Warrior box. This aids the operator in removing the connector from the box without applying undue stress on the cable particularly when attempting to do so while wearing gloves

Pictured is the Atlantic Signal designed and manufactured General Aviation ICS cable. This is the traditional design used by Law Enforcement for connection to their various non-DOD air assets. The cable is designed to connect on the top edge of the Warrior PTT

Pictured is the Atlantic Signal designed and manufactured DOD ICS cable. This is the traditional design used by the Military for connection to their various non-general aviation air assets. The cable is designed to connect to the top edge of the Warrior PTT

Pictured is the Atlantic Signal designed and manufactured coiled cable smartphone connector designed to connect to the top edge of the WARRIOR PTT. The extra long shaft design of the connector, designed to mate to the phone, is angled at 90 degrees for ease of use and protection from getting snapped off in the phone. The slim housing over-molded around the 3.5 mm phone connector allows it to swivel inside the phone when in use.

Pictured is one half of the Atlantic Signal VIC III intercom assembly. The portion shown is the female assembly - usually included as part of a bail-out cable assembly - many times left on a boat or in a wheeled vehicle. Of course, Atlantic Signal also manufactures the male counterpart that connects to the pictured female half as well as the WARRIOR PTT box. Atlantic Signal designed and over-molds both halves of the VIC connectors to protect their plastic housings. We found that the standard plastic housings of these connectors did not hold up to abuse from end-users stepping on them or dropping onto the deck of a boat or vehicle when disconnecting. We chose to over-mold the connectors to provide additional durability and to act as a shock-absorber when dropped

Shown here is a traditional law enforcement coiled cable assembly build specifically designed for connection to the WARRIOR PTT. Atlantic Signal offers custom straight cable lengths as well as varied coiled cable lengths upon request and build interfaces to over 100 portable radios worldwide

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XXXX XXXXXXXXFlight Paramedic, G/1-189 AVN, Oregon Army National Guard

Hello - I am interested in buying your TM-ICS unit, two person intercom. I am a US Army Flight Paramedic currently deployed in the Middle East. I have used your product before and was quite pleased with it; makes my job much easier to do. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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