“TALON” Two Wire Kit with 2 Pin QD & “PRO TWO” Earpiece

The "TALON" 2 Wire Kit with Small Profile Push-to-Talk with Pin Hole Mic

The "TALON" 2 wire kit features twin ruggedized black braided cords exiting the push-to-talk housing. One cable terminates to the radio connector and the other to a 2 pin female jack assembly that acts as a quick disconnect for the "PRO TWO" cabled earpiece(s)

The "TALON PRO TWO" single ear / comm earpiece. The PRO TWO earpiece cable features 200 stands of KEVLAR wire for durability

The Dual RX Talon Earpiece system allows the user to receive a single radio in both ears. There are three styles of ear tips to choose from - Hear-Thru / Partial Occluding & Full Occluding for Hearing Protection

The TALON's PRO TWO earpiece rests comfortably in the ear permitting 24 hour wear with no discomfort or ear fatigue -- it seems almost weightless

The TALON's dual PTO TWO earpieces feature an adjustable yoke for proper positioning over the top of the ears when properly fitted

The TALON's small push-to-talk features a small side mounted PTT actuation switch and adjustable alligator style clip for mounting

Close up of the TALON PTT -- twin braided cables exit the bottom, the PTT switch faces inboard and the microphone is pin style and is located at the top of the PTT housing

This is the female inline quick disconnect of the TALON earpiece cabling -- featuring 200 individual stands of Kevlar

A typical TALON 2 Wire Kit Setup. Each Single and Dual Ear TALON kit includes a left or right earpiece (one of each for dual ear models), cable clip, both open and double flanged ear tips, 2 wax filters & removers, user guide and storage case

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