“SPEAR” Executive Protection / PSD Earpiece System w/ Optional Wireless PTT

The Single Most Advanced Executive Protection / PSD Earpiece Communications Solution in the World!

"PRO" Cabled Earpiece / Single Ear Version

"PRO" Cabled Earpiece / Dual Ear (stereo RX) version

"SPEAR PRO" Earpiece Ear Tip Models are available in multiple styles of silicone designs offering hear-thru, partially occluded and fully occluded hearing protection. Ear Tips are easily exchanged out for other designs depending upon the environment in which the SPEAR system is going to be used.

The single ear "PRO" earpiece features high-end audio quality with a unique 24 hour comfort wear capability with no discomfort or ear fatigue

The single ear "PRO" earpiece is available in both left and ear RX models and features a micro coiled cable below the earpiece featuring 200 strands of Kevlar for durability

The Dual Ear system (stereo RX) features an adjustable yoke configuration that lies behind the neck when adjusted. The coiled cable feature of the single comm system has been removed

The "ELITE" Push-to-Talk features an adjustable alligator MOLLE mount. Also included is a built-in noise canceling microphone for use in extremely high noise ambient environments. The earpiece, Kevlar stranded up-link cable allows multiple users to change out personal "PRO" earpieces -- allowing other operators to use the SPEAR system with their own plug and play "PRO" earpiece

The "ELITE" Push-to-Talk features an all new braided fiber cloth encapsulating Kevlar strands leading down to the radio connector providing 90 lbs. of pull strength for added durability in the field

For a 'different" look - the SPEAR system's ELITE PTT is configured to work with plug and play 'APPLE' style earbuds - with and without the inline cabled microphone feature

When employing an 'APPLE'-style pair of earbuds with inline microphone - the ELITE PTT's noise canceling microphone will automatically become disabled - activating the earbud's inline microphone

The "SPEAR" system with ELITE push-to-talk is designed to work with the optional gun, hand and/or finger mountable wireless push-to-talk

Each "SPEAR" system includes a left or right "PRO" earpiece, cable clip, both open and double flanged ear tips, 2 wax filters & removers, user guide and storage case.

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