“SPARTAN” Earpiece Solution for Shoulder Microphones

The "SPARTAN" - An Upscale Affordable - Incredibly Comfortable Earpiece Solution for Shoulder Mics

The "PRO" Earpiece featured on our LEGEND and SPEAR systems is now available in both 2.5 and 3.5mm connector versions for shoulder mics

The "PRO" earpiece provides high-end audio quality with a unique, patented comfort fit with multiple styles of silicone ear tips. While most purchase the single PRO earpiece model -- it is now available in a dual ear model as well

Pictured is a typical SPARTAN set-up featuring a 3.5mm plug that connects directly to the 3.5mm female jack assembly on a shoulder mic. The shoulder mic pictured includes a 12 pin Hirose adapter for a Motorola APX key;load radio adapter (shoulder mic and radio connectors are not part of the SPARTAN package)

Close up of the SPARTAN "PRO" earpiece featuring 200 individual strands of Kevlar wire for incredible durability

2.5 mm connection of the SPARTAN to a shoulder microphone

Each Single and Dual Ear SPARTAN kit includes a left or right earpiece (one of each for dual ear models), cable clip, both open and double flanged ear tips, 2 wax filters & removers, user guide and storage case

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