The DOMINATOR II was developed with a U.S. Naval Special Warfare team in an effort to overcome issues they were having with other communications systems on the market. Prior to the DOMINATOR project, most of the comms systems available forced the operator to have something in, on or over one or both ears to communicate. Many of the systems required earpieces to be worn in both ears to both receive and transmit.

Most in-the-ear comms systems on the market require the use of batteries inside the push-to-talk coupled with software that requires periodic updating via connection to a PC while other systems require ear cups to be positioned and worn over both ears for radio RX. Our client complained about issues with these various designs including ear fatigue, sweat filling their ear canals, less than clear transmitted comms by systems using an in-the-ear microphone for TX and dissatisfaction with the quality of their amplified ambient environment (situational and directional awareness) as compared to SA and DA from natural hearing.

The DOMINATOR II's bone conductors and electronic ear pieces work independently of one another as well as in concert when operational requirements call for the implementation of hearing protection. The electronic ear pieces are capable of performing three functions:

A. Radio/ICS/Smartphone/MP3 Reception
B. Electronic Hearing Protection
C. User Controlled Ambient Environment Amplification

The DOMINATOR II combines a waterproof/noise-cancelling boom microphone for TX while utilizing both bone conductors and electronic ear pieces for radio RX.

When hearing protection is not required, the ear pieces can be removed from the ears and stowed out of the way via a magnet assembly attached on each ear piece cable. Radio RX is maintained without the use of the electronic ear pieces via twin bone conductors integrated into the headset. Radio transmissions are received via the facial bones directly in front of each ear and passed, via bone conduction, to each inner ear canal. The Dominator II is available in both single and dual comm radio models.

The DOMINATOR II ruggedized push-to-talk is sealed and requires no batteries or software upgrades. It attaches to a load bearing vest via a back plate with zip tie loops on all four corners as well as a dual MOLLE attachment. If requested, a rotating steel alligator clips is also available.

The DOMINATOR II PTT features dual inboard actuation switches with shrouds to avoid A/D issues. Opposite the PTT switch are shrouded volume control actuation switches for the electronic ear pieces

The DOMINATOR II features capped AMC connection points for all cables available for use with the system including air assets, smartphones. VIC ICS systems and various radio platforms including both law enforcement and military portables

The DOMINATOR II headset cable is terminated with a 14 pin AMC connector keyed for connection to the PTT box. The connector features a custom over-mold design to prevent dust, dirt and water ingress coupled with a Quad + 1 headset cable strain and stress relief.

All of the DOMINATOR II's accessory cables feature an Atlantic Signal designed, developed and manufactured over-mold angled at 60 degrees to allow for ease of access when connecting and disconnecting cables to/from the DOMINATOR II push-to-talk housing. When connected, all radio and ICS cables are also angled inward 45 degrees toward the torso so they are tight against the body armor

Pictured: DOMINATOR II General Aviation ICS cable

Pictured: DOMINATOR II DOD ICS cable (OSPREY 22 model also available)

Pictured: DOMINATOR II smartphone cable

Pictured: DOMINATOR II 10 pin MBITR 148R cabled radio connector assembly designed, developed and manufactured by Atlantic Signal

Pictured: DOMINATOR II 6 pin 148 / 152 / 117 cabled radio connector assembly designed, developed and manufactured by Atlantic Signal. Check with our headquarters to find out if we build cables/connectors for your portable radio

Pictured: Victory wireless picatinny rail / gun mounted push-to-talk

Pictured: Atlantic Signal builds an adapter cable to connect the Comtac line of headsets to the DOMINATOR II comms suite

Pictured: The Atlantic Signal Lo-Vis-R23 single and dual comm kits can be built to connect to the DOMINATOR II comms suite

notes from the field

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XXXXX XXXXX Naval Special Warfare, East Coast

We evaluated your DOMINATOR suite at the recommendation of one of the other SEAL Teams. Having the ability to have superior hearing pro yet be able to place in your ear and take it out when not needed and still maintain comms is great. We are wearing an in the ear system currently and the guys can't stand having earpieces jammed in their ears for hours at a time. Very uncomfortable to say the least. The guys also like the angled connectors too, much easier to connect and disconnect from the PTT box. An order was placed with your company recently for over a hundred systems, we're looking forward to running with them. Thank you. Killer comms.

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