Defender Riot Control / Mobile Field Force Comms Systems

The Defender Mobile Field Force / Riot Control Comms Systems were developed shortly after the 2015 Baltimore riots in an effort to address the obvious inability or law enforcement operators to communicate in a riot. Three systems were developed to include "Line Operators"(listen only), "Team Leaders" on the ground (connection to as single radio to monitor and issue instruction along with "Command / Over-watch" (connection to two radios - allowing for dual comm RX/TX to both ground operators as well as those positioned outside the conflict in a Command vehicle.

Pictured is the "Defender Team Leader" inner helmet mount headset with speaker for RX and noise canceling boom for TX. Variants include the "Line Operator" system which is listen only and looks exactly like the pictured system but the boom microphone is not included. The third variant is the "Command/Over-Watch" system which includes the system pictured coupled with a second speaker which mounts on the opposite inner side of the end-user's helmet. This system allows for dual comms between the wearer and line operators (issuing instruction) as well as a Command Post off-site.

Each Defender speaker was designed and fine-tuned to allow for clear and concise receive audio in the highest of mobile field force noise environments

Each Defender system includes 3M's strongest, military grade, interlocking mounting system for attachment to both the inner portion of the helmet (user location determined) and the backside of each Defender helmet mounted component. This provides a strong mounting solution yet can be removed for storage or pulls loose if a cable is grabbed by an assailant

Pictured is the "Defender Line Operator" listen-only system. This connects to an inline housing with no push-to-talk ultimately connecting to the department's field issued portable radio.

Close-up of the Defender helmet mounted listen-only system

Pictured - the Defender system push-to-talk which can be purchased in both single and dual comm models. Rather than a small. side mounted switch, the Defender system PTT features a 1.25" front mounted actuation switch with or without a protective shroud. A side mounted remote radio volume control is also available

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XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXSgt, Fresno Police Department SWAT

Good afternoon Tyler -- not too long ago you assisted me with a purchase of helmets and headsets for my SWAT team here at Fresno PD....Everything is still working and the guys are still very pleased with the gear. You had your shop build a remote antenna mast for our not so great Harris Unity radios...I was hoping to purchase one for myself. This would be a personal purchase, not through the department, but for work purposes. Is that possible?

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